MVP Development Process​

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MVP Development Package​

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Pilot MVP​ Fully Featured MVP​
1. Product Analysis & Idea Generation Business/Requirement Analysis​
Idea Generation Support​
Low-fidelity Prototype/Flow Diagram Optional​
Feedback and Iteration​
(Up to 2 times)​

(Up to 2 times)​
2. Product Conceptualization High-fidelity Prototype​
System Architecture​ -
Feedback & Iteration​
(Up to 2 times)​

(Up to 2 times)​
3. Planning & Implementation Agile MVP Development​ Single Functional MVP​ Fully featured MVP​
System Specifications Documentation​ -
API Design Documentation​ -
Database Design Documentation​ -
4. Deploy & Support Deployment
Target Audience Testing Optional​ Optional​
Technical Advice​Product Development Plan​

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